Shropshire Rapper at The Haycop open day, Broseley

We are a mixed rapper side based in Shropshire, presently the only team in the county.

We are relatively new on the Rapper scene. Our original line up consisted of members from The Ironmen and Severn Gilders who decided it might be fun to add another morris style to the repertoire. Since the first weekend workshop in October 2011, the team, initially referred to as ‘The Shropshire Rapper Project’, has grown, and thanks to Facebook, the name ‘Shropshire Rapper’ has stuck. Perhaps one day we’ll decide on a different name!

As a new side, our enthusiasm to learn and perform is at its peak. We will dance at every opportunity whether or not you want us to!  Thankfully more and more invites are now coming our way. We are constantly recruiting new members, so if you’re up for some fast-paced, intricate and sometimes acrobatic dancing, please get in touch via our contacts page. We practice most Sundays from 7:30pm at The Crown in Bridgnorth.

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